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Privacy Policy of Smart Life Platform


Update date2019.8 

Come into force date2019.9


So you have purchased our JUTAI device hardware and are starting to use the JUTAI device software and all its functionalities! Any information you share with us (e.g. for creating a JUTAI account) will help us to provide you with services related to JUTAI device and to improve them to make them even better. We explain here our ways of collecting and using information, and how we protect your privacy. In this privacy policy, personal datameans information that can be used to identify an individual, either from that information alone, or from that information and other information we have access to about that individual. We collect both personal and non-personal data to enable and facilitate the best user experience possible


What information is collected and how do we use it?


In order to provide our services to you, we will ask you to provide necessary personal data that is required to provide those services. If you do not provide your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services.


JUTAI account Information 

Personal data that are collected while creating a JUTAI account may include PII information like your email address or mobile phone number. These information help to activate, manage and get service of JUTAI. Your nickname, profile picture, country and time zone will be connected to your account so that you can visit our product and service conveniently.


User Mobile Phone Information 

Your device model, operation system, unique device identifier, IP address, JUTAI software version number, access type and model etc. will be collected for you can receive PUSH. And those are very necessary basic information which we have to collect form you.


Smart Device Information 

All the smart device information will be collected so that you can control them via APP remotely.



We are always here to receive your feedback or suggestion so that your problems or device failure will be solved at the first time.


User scenario 

While you use functions like scenario, automation and so on, we will collect your setting information which support to afford intelligent scenario service to you.




How the Personal Data is used


You can use what we collected to control smart devices you have purchased form us.


To provide you with our products and services, processing your orders, performing contractual obligations between you and us, to ensure the functions and safety of our products, to verify your identity, to prevent and trace fraudulent or inappropriate usage.


To develop our products and services, together with general and statistical information.


To communicate with you, including providing you with notifications on products and services that are updated or launched.


To provide marketing and promotional materials to you on our products and services (please note that you may unsubscribe anytime).


To personalise product design and to provide you with services tailored for you, for example, recommending and displaying information and advertisements regarding products suited to you, and to invite you to participate in surveys relating to your use of JUTAI device.


To conduct investigations regarding our products and services.


If you participate in our lottery, contest or other promotions, we may use your personal data to manage such activities.


To provide maintenance services, monitor software licenses, to improve our products or analyse the efficiency of our operations.


Who do we share your information with?


Unless we tell you in this privacy policy, we will keep your personal information confidential. Disclosure may include the scenarios listed in this section below. In each case described in this section, you can be assured that JUTAI will only share your personal data in accordance with your consent. You should know that when JUTAI shares your personal data with a third party under any circumstance described in this section, JUTAI will ensure that the third party is subject to practices and obligations to comply with the relevant data protection and privacy laws of your country. JUTAI will contractually ensure compliance by any foreign Third Party Service Providers with the privacy standards that apply in your home jurisdiction.


Disclosure to JUTAI group companies and Third Party Service Providers


In order to conduct business operations smoothly, the JUTAI entity which collects your personal data may disclose your personal data from time to time to other JUTAI group companies (in communications, social media, technology or cloud business), or our third party service providers which are our mailing houses, delivery service providers, telecommunications companies, data centres, data storage facilities, and customer service providers, agents, related corporations, and/or other third parties (together Third Party Service Providers). Such Third Party Service Providers would be processing your personal data on JUTAIs behalf or for one or more of the purposes listed above.


Personal data will only be shared by JUTAI to provide or improve our products or services and will not be shared for use for marketing purposes.


Disclosure to Others


JUTAI may disclose your personal data without further consent if required or permitted by law in the following cases:


cases in which the disclosure is required or authorized based on the applicable laws and/or regulations;


cases in which the disclosure is necessary to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or safety of the individual or another individual;


cases in which the disclosure is necessary for the prevention of crime or legal proceedings;


cases in which the purpose of such disclosure is clearly in the individuals interests, and if consent cannot be obtained in a timely way;


cases in which the disclosure is necessary for any investigation or proceedings;


cases in which the disclosure is to any officer of a prescribed law enforcement agency upon production of written authorisation signed by the head or director of that law enforcement agency, or a person of a similar rank, certifying that the personal data is necessary for the purposes of the functions or duties of the officer; and/or


cases in which the disclosure is to a public agency and such disclosure is necessary in the public interest.


Other Information


We use statistical data that does not specifically identify you (non-personal data) to help in our operations and improve our products and services and provide a better user experience for you. Here are some of the non-personal data we may collect and how we use them:


When you create a JUTAI account, download our software, register in our e-commerce website, participate in online surveys or interact with us in other ways, we may collect your language preferences, postal code, area code number and time zone in which you use our products and services, and your profession.


When you opt-in to participate in our User Experience Improvement Program, we may gather statistics relating to your use of our products functions, on an anonymous basis. This may include information relating to your use of our official website, products and services. If there is an abnormal shutdown or breakdown, we may collect information relating to your mobile device to diagnose the problem.


When you use our services or functions that are based on location information, e.g. carry out a location search, take advantage of advertising, use weather functions, access information based on maps, etc., we may collect your geographical information.


When you use our website, online services, interactive applications, email messages and advertising, we may use cookies and other technical elements (e.g. pixel labels) to collect and store non-personal data. These enable us to provide you with a better experience and improve our overall service quality, e.g. in saving your preferred language settings, sending emails in a readable format, to determine whether the emails have been opened or not, etc.


When you use the Internet browser in using our products and services, we may collect log information, e.g. IP address, browser type, language, reference source, operating system, date and time marking and click rate data. When you first use and activate your JUTAI device, the devices unique identification code and approximate geographical information may be collected.


Delete Information


As you likeyou can delete all the following information viaProfile - Personal center Terminate the account


JUTAI account Information


User Mobile Phone Information


Smart Device Information




User scenario


Transfer Your Information


If you need to transfer information in your account,please contact us via support@jutai.com


Your option


You have confirmed that you have read, understand and receive all the content of this privacy policy before you agree or in other ways to use the services from JUTAI. Once you use this service, you agree to all the provisions of this personal information policy.If you do not agree with this personal information policy, you shall not use the service provided by us.


Information Safety Safeguards


Various preventive measures will be taken to protect your personal information from loss, theft and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. In order to ensure the security of your personal information, our company has strict information security regulations and procedures, and has a dedicated information team to strictly implement the above measures within the company.


Information retention period


We will retain your information for the period necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this personal information protection policy, unless required or permitted by law to do so for a longer period.


Complaints and feedback


If you have any questions or concerns about our personal information policy or data processing, just let us know by support@jutai.com


Policy update


We may revise and update this policy at any time and issue a notice on the website 30 days in advance.if you continue to use the related services of the Smart Life platform on the date when the amendment update officially takes effect, you will be deemed to agree to our revision update.






SMART JUTAI APP: 指巨泰研发的连接智能生活平台,并向用户提供智能终端操作服务和数据展现服务的应用程序。




我们收集的信息 在你使用巨泰服务的过程中,我们会收集如下你主动提供或因接受服务而产生的信息,这些信息都将被用以向你提供服务,优化我们的服务以及保障你的账号

1. 用户账户信息: 为了能够使用我们的产品和服务,您需要创建一个账户。在创建帐号的过程中,我们会要求您提供邮箱或手机号码等PII信息,这些信息可以帮助你激活、管理或使用巨泰的服务。我们会将您的昵称、头像、所属国家、时区与您的账户关联,以方便您访问我们的产品和服务。

2. 用户手机信息: 我们会收集你的手机型号、操作系统等信息、设备标识符、登陆IP地址、巨泰软件版本号、接入网络的方式和类型等,用于提供PUSH推送。同时这些也是我们提供服务所必须的基础信息。

3. 智能设备信息: 在你使用智能终端设备的过程中,我们会收集所有设备信息,以便你可通过App远程操作该设备。

4. 反馈信息: 我们会收集你的反馈信息,用于帮你进行故障处理。

5. 用户场景(联动)信息: 当你使用了场景、自动化等功能时,我们会收集你的相关设置信息,用于为你提供智能场景服务。



· 视具体情况,我们会向与巨泰合作提供产品和服务或者帮助巨泰向客户进行营销的合作伙伴提供某些个人信息。我们只会为提供或改进我们的产品、服务和广告宣传之目的而与第三方共享个人信息;不会为第三方的销售目的与第三方共享个人信息,更不会销售个人信息。我们有义务要求上述合作伙伴严格遵守保密约定和本人信息保护政策的要求。

· 我们可适时向巨泰的合作伙伴提供您使用智能终端的统计性信息,以上统计性信息不涉及您的姓名、账号、密码、电话号码、电子邮件等个人信息。

· 若我们的合作伙伴依法向您明示所收集的信息以及信息的使用用途,并已取得您的同意的前提下,我们可以根据您的许可向该三方披露您的个人信息。为了您的个人信息安全,我们可能将您的个人信息进行脱敏或模糊处理后再向第三方披露。


· 根据政府部门的合法要求,我们可能有必要披露您的个人信息。

· 如果我们确定为了执行我们的条款和条件、保护我们的经营或用户或设计重大公共利益,披露是合理必须,则我们可披露与您有关的信息。

· 如果发生重组、合并或出售,则我们可将我们收集的一切个人信息转让给相关第三方。



1. 用户账户信息

2. 用户手机信息

3. 智能设备信息

4. 反馈信息

5. 用户场景(联动)信息


如果你需要对你账户中的信息进行迁移,请联系我们如下邮箱: support@jutai.com








如果您对我们的个人信息政策或数据处理有任何问题或顾虑,请联系我们如下邮箱: support@jutai.com





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